Our group's productions seeks to draw upon the participants diverse backgrounds and experiences to collaboratively develop a form of theatre that is both unique and contemporary. It will reach deep into various traditional performing art forms to evolve a theatre that communicates with the inner selves of the participants and the audience.

Why we exist

Cicero’s Circle was started by a group of professional and aspiring theatre practitioners with the sole purpose of producing cultural pieces that would:

  • Provide a platform for Australian multicultural artists, both on and off stage and to give Australian audience and visitors to experience culturally rich theatre.

  • Build relationships and synergy between artists from different fields (design, dance, music, choreography, lighting, sound) to facilitate free exchange of knowledge and skills.

  • Integrate environmental sustainability as an underlying philosophy for production creation.

  • Promote and acknowledge, that inclusion and cultural diversity as a philosophy leads to creation of works that are of richer artistry and socially relevant.

  • Build cultural leadership through presenting new perspectives on Australian and International works.

Our journey thus far..

Cicero's Circle through its productions have collaborated with a diverse mix of actors, directors, writers, designers of sound and light, stage artists and the like hailing from India, South East Asia, The UK, North America and Australia to set the platform for our future works.