Tru by Jay Pressen Allen

Parade Playhouse, (NIDA) National Institute of Dramatic Arts. 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington, November 2013

About Tru

In 1975, legendary American writer Truman Capote allowed Esquire Magazine to publish “La Cote Basque 1965”, a chapter of his unfinished ‘nonfiction novel', it generated considerable controversy. The chapter detailed his experiences with some of the upper class socialites that had become part of Capote’s life thanks to his fame, and for many the chapter was seen as a significant betrayal of trust, and one which saw Capote shunned by many of his friends and fans and resulted in the author having a very lonely Christmas. The play takes you through a day in the life of Tru during this time.

Cast: Ezekiel Day
Director: Vel Subra
Lighting: Ian Wise,
Sound: Cherian Jacob

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