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 Cherian Jacob, Founder, Producer and Actor: Cherian  started off in media back in 2002 and later pursued his MBA in Melbourne (2006), which led him to hold positions in Tech Startups, Education and Management consulting. His production credits revolve around theatre productions in India and Australia, which he continues to pursue both as producer and actor. He continues to channel his entrepreneurial skill sets, which he developed during his journey, towards the development and delivery of all sorts of theatre.

Ezekiel Day, Artistic Director and Actor is an actor, director and artist  for more than a decade of experience in the field of theatre. He has post graduate qualifications in theatre and has peformed more than 20 productions. He holds a certificate in Meisner Technique and has a keen interest in physical theatre and movement. 

Ben Davidson, Consultant and Actor: Benny Davidson is an Organisation Development professional with many years of experience and education in drama and dance. He has been professionally acting for over six years, predominantly on TV commercials, short-films and popular Australian television shows. Ben is also a dance teacher and choreographer and enjoys exploring new forms of dance and movement.

Madhulika Basu, Stage Manager and Actor: Madhulika Basu is a HR professional and Project Manager who has worked in notable organisations across three continents. She is a creative writer and artist with experience backstage and onstage in Indian theatre as well as musicals in Melbourne.

Rob Saunders, Consultant and Writer: Rob is a local playwright with credits such as Worlds Worst Waiter, which was staged at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, A moral Man, Home Fires, Voices from D Division, The Moving Finger and the critically acclaimed Furiously Fertile, which toured Australia for 6 months. He also posses credits for the screen such as "Life" and "Cimp" produced by Ruby Entertainment