"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory." Mahatma Gandhi

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About the Play

The late VD Trivadi's non-linear play Gandhi, a Play paints a searing portrait of The Mahatma, otherwise known as Bapu (Father) which will be unlike any other play about the preeminent leader of Indian Independence and civil disobedience. Each scene probes into the personality of Gandhi as a freedom fighter, religious head, champion of women's rights, anti-industrialist, father, husband, friend, celebrity and much more. The play is a unique interpretation of Gandhi’s disposition towards religion, education, spirituality, politics, his wife and family which result in exposing facets which are as contradictory as the man himself- imperfect, yet greatly human thereby altering our understanding of him.

Artistic Treatment

The production of Gandhi will see a composite of elements in its creation and final presentation. Being a play juxtaposed with various periods and the poignant themes of unity and asunder, the artistic treatment will be one that will draw on duality: between sanctimony and hypocrisy, balance and imbalance of the freedom movement and the personality of Gandhi. Through the use of projections, soundscape design and stylised acting technique based on traditional indian theatre (Terrukoothu and Kathakali) and western acting techniques, Gandhi will utilize a montage of images and sound recordings to give the audience an understanding of the spirit of the time during the independence struggle. Choreographed movements of the actors including the exploration of stylised gestures will add elements of Indian-ess as well as lift the entire performance to a ritualistic space. 

About the Project

The play will be a cross-cultural production performed for the first time to an international audience here in Melbourne. The project will combine a range of dynamic story-telling devices and techniques: both naturalistic and stylised epic theatre styles of acting, puppetry and physical theatre. Crucially, our production of Gandhi A Play aims to harness Australia’s unique relationship with India, and vice versa, collaborating through the exchange of ideas between artists between two nations and the Indian community and Australians at large.  

The project will commence with a workshop for all potential cast members and will result in the selection of the final cast members for the production.

Complete the form below and tell us how you wish to be involved in the production or whether you would like to be kept in the loop. We will keep you informed of all events leading up to the production.

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